Your Ideal weight and the best scale to use to measure it


What is your ideal weight?

I get this question asked at least twice per week.
Here is my view on this.

Did you know that the first spring scale was invented by Richard Salter, a British balance maker around 1770. We did not weigh people until late 1800’s, early 1900’s. It became first popular with raze in weight loss business in 1950’s in America. Smart business people trained general population that it is important to use scales to control your weight. Is it?

There are thousands of different fancy scales being sold these days and yet we have millions of people turn obese every year. Think how many people you know who are absolutely obsessed with the number on a scale and yet struggling with their weight.

Do you need to use a scale? No!

Use the scale that was given to you by God/Nature – your eyes! Did you look in the mirror this morning or throughout the day? I bet you did. Why? To judge how you look. It’s a yes or yes question. So, how do you determine your ideal weight using your eyes and mirror?

Here is how… You wake up In the morning, go naked to your mirror so you can see your entire body. Look into it. And… if your first reaction is – “Damn, I’m in shape!”, you know that you are at you ideal weight.

Mirror. Mirror on the wall… It’s simple and it works.

If you have a scale at home, throw it out right now! Stop looking at useless numbers! I bet nobody asked you on a street or at work today, what was your weight this morning. So, stop looking at your scale! Instead, start looking into your health. Make better choices with the food you eat. Learn what food is good for you and what food is just marketed as being good for you.

Become more active than you are right now. Do any physical activity! If you cannot come up with one, start walking fast daily till you break sweat. And stick to it.

If you do, I can guarantee you, the Image in the mirror will change and make you much happier, healthier and confident person!!!

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