Low fat foods and weight loss


Today’s topic is on low fat foods. I cannot tell you the number of people I meet who are trying to lose weight with no success, while choosing to eat low fat foods.

They think that it may help them with weight loss. Media is full of commercials with benefits of low fat milk, yogurt, and millions of other low fat products. Really? Low fat or no fat is good for you? Since when!?

Now, instead of getting into science like everybody is in today’s world, let’s try to use common sense and logic instead. It truly seams that common sense is no longer common. Let’s change it.

Do you think that Mother Nature had a plan with this planet and everything on it? I think so. The animal world is in full existence without any knowledge on nutrition and low fat diets. The botanical world exists perfectly fine as well. Mammals, including humans feed their babies with high content of fat in the breast milk. Do you think if fat was bad for consumption, mother nature would make your moms milk fat?

Did you know that many vitamins your body needs are only digestible if you get them with fat? Did you know that for you to build muscles you need good amount of protein in your diet and you need fat in order for your body to digest protein? Did you know that every cell in your body is covered with fat membrane? Do you see my point here?

The problem with humans is that too many of us care more about money than anything else. That includes health of population. Food industry is extremely profitable business. So is medical industry! See, one hundred years ago skim and low fat milk was a by-product of making cheese and some other dairy products. It was thrown away or given to pigs to make them fat.

Nowadays, we make ourselves fat by drinking low fat milk and eating low fat foods. Foods that are not in nature, but artificially made by humans against laws of nature to make bigger profits. Does this make sense to you? I hope so. All you need to prove this right is to see two pictures with crowd of people on the street of any North American city.

One picture from 1950th, when people were still eating normal food without this low fat nonsense and another picture is outside of your window. People of today, eating low fat foods and getting fat in the proses! Hope you’ve enjoyed this short article and will use this information for yourself and your family.

Stay lean and healthy!


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