Gluten and Lactose intolerance myth


Have you ever wondered why 20 years ago we did not have friends who were diagnosed with Gluten and Lactose intolerance? Nobody knew what it even was.
Since I am in the health industry, I have witnessed lots of interesting things when it comes to food business, medical business and fitness business. This case is just one of them.

I have had multiple clients over the years that were diagnosed with one of the above or both. I have had multiple clients who did travel to Europe and had absolute no issues with eating bread or drinking milk.

This makes you wonder why? Do Europeans use magic bread and milk? Do you think it is Gluten and lactose free?
The answer is NO. But, why than people do not have reaction to the products in Europe and get back all of their symptoms when they come back to North America?
There must be something different about bread and milk sold here vs there. Here is my answer to what it is. Most of the countries in Europe ban GMO products. Here, everything is GMO. My wife and I went through almost entire “Big name” store trying to find the product that does not contain GMO. Some of them are so sneaky, that they put on a label – “May or may not contain GMO”. How crazy is that?!?! I personally have seen the records of what is done to flour in Canada before it goes on a shelf of the store. In simple, there is not much flour in that flour. It is full of fillers and chemicals. They call it “Enriched”.

The vegetables you buy in a big store are not much different. Most are covered in the solution designed to keep the shell life for at least 21 days. Go outside, take some grass from the ground and see how long it lasts before it turns yellow and breaks down. Do you think if you put those chemicals in your body long enough, you will not have health problems? Think again. I hope you get my point.

So, getting back to the topic, I think that people react to chemicals and GMO. The Gluten and Lactose intolerance was just invented as a new way to make new products, create new market and get all the involved industries to make more money. As simple as that. Eat real food people. Buy fresh seasonal and local. You will live longer and actually enjoy you late years traveling around the world and not in and out of Hospital.

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