I created the 6 week Bull’s Eye personal training program to give you the most efficient training according to your current condition and your goals. The Bull’s Eye training program makes you train at your full potential and at the same time without any risk of injury.

I have worked with a lot of people who were previously injured by less experienced trainer. There are indicators when people are being pushed too hard, and if the trainer does not have the proper knowledge or experience, they can easily miss them. I fell sick countless times during my training as an athlete and a competitor. I recognize the signs when someone is about to push past their limit, and I prevent it. I can see if you drop your sugar levels too fast and if you are about to get dizzy before you can even feel it. I can see if your heart is not pumping enough oxygen and I prevent you from passing out. I can see when your “A-type personality” takes over and I stop you before you blow your ligament or strain your muscle. I know that because I have done it myself as a professional athlete and I have worked with people for the past 30 years.


Training safely is extremely important. But training safely does not mean training 9 out of 10. To get the results, it must be 10 out of 10. Many people believe the longer their exercise is the better. It is not about the length of the exercise. It is all about the execution of the exercise. If you use the wrong angle, or the wrong degree of the movement, or you are doing it too fast/slow, the exercise is simply not effective regardless how long you do it for. You will waste time and feel frustrated getting no results. You must get your body to a very specific point during each exercise to get results from it. This is extremely hard to do on your own. Our bodies are designed for survival. When we start feeling some discomfort during our training, our body will start cheating it to avoid the muscle pain. That means you will stop before hitting the point you need to get to for the exercise be effective. Hence, you won’t get results. You miss the bull’s eye.

My Bull’s Eye Personal Training program derived from my sport, medical and military background puts your body in that one and only spot resulting in the most efficient training without risking any injury. That combined with precise nutrition and accountability will get you in the best shape of your life in the shortest time possible.