The Keto Diet


Ok, there is a new kid in town. His name is Ketosis. Quite a few people have asked me in the last few weeks about ketosis and ketogenic diet.

So here is my opinion on it.

First, what is ketosis? In simple terms ketosis is a state of your body when it is burning fat as a primary energy source instead of burning sugar as human default setting. Keto diet is roughly 70% fat, 20-25% protein and the rest 5-10% of green vegetables. Second, why so many people talking about right now? Is it something that was just discovered? The answer is no. It’s been a normal diet for native people of any country who live up north. Why? Well, it’s not because they know more secret diets than you. It is because that what they have available in their environment. Go to Africa and you’ll see people on banana diet.

With the power of internet marketing, few guys online started promoting ketosis in the last year and now it became the new “thing”.

Should you be on ketogenic diet? You can. As long as you understand that it has to be a life style for the rest of your life and you cannot have anything with sugar in your diet.

That means no fruits, no grains or other carbs and no alcohol. Yep, you eat a fruit and you are out of ketosis. Oops. Does it work for weight loss? Yes, it does work like any other diet if it is followed 100%. It is amazing how many diets are out there. I just saw a good one on the internet. It is called “vertical diet”.


Here is the deal from my perspective on keto diet or any other diet – There is no such thing as a diet! You don’t need to diet! Your body is mostly made out of protein, fat and water. You use simple and complex sugars from fruits and grains as energy to run your system. You can use fat and protein as an energy source as well when there is no available sugar in your body. You need very little amount of energy per day to run your system, even if you are active person. As long as you understand the above and eat just what your body needs, you will not have problems with your weight.

I do not follow any diet myself.

I eat accordingly to what I do in a specific day. Depending on what type of training or other physical activities I do that day, I could eat anything from steak and eggs only, massive amounts of fruits, sweet potatoes and nuts or not eat at all. I treat my food majority of the time the same way my car treats the gas I put in it.

I put premium gas in my car and I do my best to put premium food in my body as well. So, to sum it all up, any diet will work if you follow it 100%. However, you need to accept that diet is a lifestyle. It is not something you do for a few weeks or months.

Get in the habit of healthy lifestyle and you will never need to diet again. Stay lean and healthy!

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