Can I lose weight by doing Body Weight Training?

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Body Weight Training

Yes, you can lose weight by doing body weight training, not only that, you could also improve your sleep, increase your energy and mood without going to any gym or buying any equipment.

Body weight training is any type of exercise that does not need the use of equipment and could be done using just your environment and tools you have available.

There are many benefits to this type of training.

First, you can do it in the park, your living room, your hotel room in Mexico or even using your bathtub.

Second, you can work your entire body in one session and that is very important when you need to get in shape fast like before summer or vacation.

You could do resistance exercises, HIIT training or low intensity training. You can combine them all in one session if you wish. Again, the best part is it can be done in a very limited space.

Of course the best way to learn the correct way to do such exercises would be from a professional trainer however, I am a bit biased here 😉 , you could do it on your own, just following some workout videos on YouTube. The only trick here is… You need to do it! Why are you still reading?…Get Moving!….

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