At home exercise to help you lose weight

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Here’s an at home exercise that can help you lose weight

You would think that we lift our legs every day, right?

We walk, go up and down the stairs and get in and out of our chairs. However, in reality, we do not use our legs as much as we think. At least, we do not use them in a way that it becomes beneficial to our health and appearance.

I experience this with every new client of mine. Almost every single new client has a problem at first lifting (never mind holding) a straight leg higher than their hip joint for more than 30 seconds.

Try to do this sitting and it becomes even more challenging.

I come from a kickboxing background and know how much energy kicking takes. That’s why I use multiple variations of leg lifts when I train my clients. There are many benefits to it.

First, it is a compounding exercise where we use multiple groups of muscles at the same time. The more muscle groups you use, the more oxygen you use. The more oxygen you use, the more free fatty acids you oxygenate. Therefore, burning more fat. That is of course if you have no sugar in your blood for some time and your fatty acids left your fat cells.

When you lift your legs, you not only just use big muscles in your legs, you also train your core as a secondary muscle group. Lifting your legs also helps loosen and stretch your antagonist muscles in your legs. This is great not just for elasticity but also for your longevity.

Try to do 3-5 sets of lifting your straight legs for 30 reps, forward, side and back as high as you can and see how it feels next day. Have fun!

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