Milk and Weight Loss Myth Busting


Milk and weight loss

First, let me be clear, if you want to lose weight fast, I suggest staying away from all dairy products, beside maybe low sodium organic dry cured cheese. However, if you are in no rush or just maintaining your current weight, at least do it right.

I remember growing up in times when we did not have to pay double for real (organic) food. There were no organic stores. All the food was organic, just the way it was created by God or nature. I remember, if you left your cup with milk on a table on a warm summer day for an hour, the milk would turn sour. Why? Cause it was milk.

Today we eat and drink artificially created substances that mimic real taste and physical appearance. Go to the store and you can see imitation crab meat. What do you mean imitation?… You mean I eat a piece of rubber that looks and tastes like crab?

Hmmm, must be good for me. Going back to my childhood, I remember drinking milk right from under the cow(from a cup, just to be clear. ). Damn….Did it ever taste good! Unfortunately, those days are gone and we have to survive having our milk diluted and chemically altered.

What do we do…?

Well, first buy organic (if you have your own cow it’s the best! ). Second, buy full fat! Why?

Compare this –
One small cup of skim milk will have about 12 grams of sugar, while the same cup full of cream will have only 0.1 grams of sugar.

Sugar = Insulin in blood = Getting fat.

Did I get your attention yet?

But George, everybody says that if you want to lose weight, you should drink low fat milk and eat low fat yogurt. Really? Look around. How well do you think that theory worked for people around you…?

Everybody looks at labels these days and eats what’s being heavily advertised as a healthy diet on TV and yet we are getting fatter and fatter…Why are we getting fat? Something doesn’t seem right here!

So, do you want to lose weight and keep it off?

Stay away from low fat dairy and those who promote it! Eat full fat and real! And… just a little note here. Fat turns into fat as well, so don’t drink it by the buckets!

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