The Game Changers Movie Debunked


The Game Changers Movie Debunked

Well… We got a new theme to argue about. The recent movie “Game Changers” really started the war between two camps – vegans and meat eaters. I am sure the authors knew it would happen and had a good reason for it.

Here is my view on the movie and the reaction from both camps. I am going to tell you why I think the Game Changers Movie has been debunked!

First, the movie.

The movie is by James Cameron and we do not have to search for very long to know why he created this movie.  Just by simply putting his name in Google, this is what we get:

“Global ingredients company Ingredion Incorporated has entered into a joint partnership with Verdient Foods Inc., owned by Oscar-winning film director James Cameron and his wife, environmental advocate and entrepreneur Suzy Amis Cameron.

Ingredion Incorporated makes starches, flours, and sweeteners out of grains, fruits, and vegetables. It will invest $140 million to expand into a range of plant-based proteins.”

Follow the money….

That is all I am going to say about it.  I do not judge them. They had their own agenda and they did what they wanted to do.

But, I don’t understand why people are fighting over the internet and trying to prove their point of view and beliefs. At the end of the day, I think that it does not matter whether you are vegan or a meat eater, as long as it works for you. If you are healthy, looking fit, full of energy and feel great, that all that matters.

As most of you know, my favorite saying is – “Results don’t lie, people do!”

So, my personal judgment comes from the results that I have seen for over 40 years as a competitive athlete myself, my team mates and other world level athletes that I have trained alongside. Second, results I have seen from thousands of my clients/students over the past 30 years as a trainer and a health coach. I had to experiment to get the best results for my clients and make sure that what I do with them works. I get paid for RESULTS, not my opinion or some theory. I either get my clients results or I am out of business. And, since almost all of my clients are referrals and I generally have a wait list throughout the year. Therefore, I would say results talk for themselves.

Here are my observations.

As an athlete, I have never personally met a successful high-level athlete, who was vegan. Not saying that they don’t exist, I have personally, just never met any. I have seen a few try and get off it within a few months. I have experimented myself and it does not work for me either. When I tried a vegan diet, I just did not feel good on it. However, I have experimented with the keto diet and it does not work for me either. I do not feel good being in a ketosis state. There are people who may disagree with me on both sides, but for me personally, I have to eat both (plants and meat) to perform well in my training and my competitions.

As a coach, it seems to be the best result providing strategy as well. I have worked with both camps, full on vegans and full on carnivores. Both presented challenges. I have to admit though, it is much easier for a meat eater to lose weight or gain muscle size in comparison to a vegan.

I find the only way for vegans to get what the body needs is to supplement with protein powders, vitamins and minerals that are not accessible through a vegan diet. This is what all the vegan athletes do to keep up with their body requirements. If you choose to be vegan, I would highly recommend for you to learn what type of supplements you may need.

For meat eaters, my advice is to eat vegetables. Especially dark leafy greens. There is a reason for nature to have both. You need proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals. And it has to be bio available for humans. Remember, we do not have multiple chambers in our stomachs, like an Ox. That means we do not digest plants in the same way. In my opinion and experience, we need both.

What you cannot get from meat, you can get from fruits and vegetables. And what you cannot get from vegetables and fruits, you can get from meat, fish and eggs.  Eat both and you will have everything that your body needs. Simple right? Yep. That’s what your grandparents did. And somehow, they made it through life without any “scientific diets”.


If you chose to be a vegan or a meat eater due to your culture, religion or ideology, I get it. But, if you choose a certain diet thinking that it is superior to the opposite one, you are going against nature. I truly believe that diets are only good for people who are selling them(and there are lots of those sellers).

In my opinion (Diet=BS). It’s just complicated crap to confuse you and to make money while you are in a state of confusion. Period.

Do not fall for FAD diets that are so popular these days. Why? They are a waste of time and effort. If they worked, I’d be out of business. It’s that simple. Whoever created planet earth, knew what they were doing. Nature is smart and all we need to do is follow nature. Just eat real food, not Oreos and gummy bears! Also, humans are not Vegan nor Carnivores. We are omnivores!

That means we are able to survive eating meats and/or plants and we have been eating both for thousands of years. Only in recent years, with the development of the informational businesses, we started to talk about diets. When I grew up or when I was going through my medical education (80’s of the last century), the only diets we were talking about, were diets for sick people.

Meaning this: Diet used to be a nutritional plan with certain types of restrictions designed for a particular disease, like kidney stones or gallbladder problems for example.

If you were a relatively healthy person, you just ate food. That’s it, food. Not diet! Not organic food, not keto, orange, cucumber, or other low this, and high that, BS diet.

Food used to be just food and we did not have an obesity problem! It should not be different these days. We have not changed as humans in the last 40, 50 or 100 years. Our physiology is still the same! All you need to do is to eat real food, because real food in normal amounts will not make you fat. It’s that simple.

P.S. Tip: If you cannot find it in wild, don’t eat it. That’s how you know if the food is real or not.

Here are some other credible sources explaining why the game changers movie is debunked,

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