Trudy Transformation


Check out this Amazing Transformation from our personal client Trudy!

Real Testimonial from Trudy:

After 10 years of carrying excess weight and suffering from stress, hypertension and chronic migraines, I was more than ready to make some changes. Low calorie diet programs and work out DVDs did not work for me. Luckily, I stumbled upon George’s website and I took the plunge.

Six weeks later my health got better, I gained more energy, my migraines went away and I was losing weight! More than this, I have learned and believe in the importance of an effective workout coupled with healthy food choices. Shortcuts just don’t work! George helps you understand that in order to get to where you want you have to work at it.

He motivates you every step of the way and with his guidance you just keep getting better and you feel better.

It’s a journey through hell when he’s training you but the results are so amazing. I was wearing size 6 pants and I now fit into a size 2.
I couldn’t have done this without George and I am so immensely thankful.


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