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I am a highly rated Personal Trainer in Vancouver and I will help you get to your ideal body quickly and safely. More importantly, I will teach you how to keep that body by re-framing your mind and changing your self-image. This is why so many people have succeeded at Fit Body By George! My program is designed to teach you all three components for permanent success: mind, body and food. And this is my difference! Come Train Today in my Private Personal Training Studio or in the comfort of your own home via webcam!


George started competing at age 4 and still competes to this day.


George created his first custom weight loss program in 1986 and has since helped thousands of people lose weight.


George has completed 4 years of medical school and has training in behavioral psychology.

Ready to change your life?


We love George! Jason and I agree that of all the decisions we had to make during our wedding, signing up for George was the probably the best one. We heard about George from my sister, who told us about an intense workout she had with this crazy Russian guy on Broadway. Mandy stopped by for a visit and he told her that if we follow his 6 week plan we would drop pounds and get ripped. George totally delivered on his promise! We ended up losing more weight and becoming more toned than we thought was possible. George is a tough trainer and he expects nothing but the best from you and for you. If you want to look your best on your big day, you need to call George and make it happen!
I’ve lost 67 lbs training with George! It is amazing what you can achieve in such a short period of time if you are doing the right things and have somebody helping and guiding you! I feel great! It’s awesome! I now believe that I can achieve anything I want in my life!!! I am so grateful! Thank you George!
Thank you for a great 6 weeks, it was truly an amazing experience. I haven’t felt this good, healthy and strong in a real long time. It feels great to be able to look into the mirror and be proud of myself again. This was the most comprehensive work out and eating plan I have ever experienced. I have gained a lifetime of knowledge in regards to healthy eating, work out plans and most importantly healthy and clean living. I will be forever grateful!!
I have worked out and done Fitness World routines before, but I was never able to get results until I started training with George. I lost 30 pounds in six weeks and have muscles for the first time in my life. George is very supportive and knows what he is doing, all you have to do is show up and do your best to survive for an hour. Although I am done my program now he still continues to motivate me from the sidelines. Thank you George!
I’ve been training with George for a couple of months now and feel better than ever. I have lost over 30lbs and 13 inches and gained muscle tone, definition, renewed my energy. And a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Simple really: consistency, basic nutritional guidelines, George’s vast knowledge and expertise in fitness and overall personal well-being, and a consistently diverse and challenging program tailored to my (increasing) fitness and personal needs. All delivered in a calm, professional and encouraging manner. Perfect.

Lose 30 LBS in 6 weeks*

*results may vary.