The Truth About Eating Fruit For Weight Loss


The Truth About Eating Fruit For Weight Loss

Are fruits good for you? Yes.

Are they good for weight loss? Not in my experience.

Let’s talk about this….

You can find loads of information about this all over the internet. Many doctors, trainers and nutritionists talk about it and give you scientific opinions. Mine comes from working with thousands of people and watching carefully what works and what does not… Results don’t lie.

So, let’s look at fruits and what they do for weight loss in a very simple way. We will not go into the details of sucrose, fructose or glycogen levels in your liver. We will keep it simple. Fruits have fiber, sugars and vitamins. This is as simple as I can put it. And to be honest, this is all you really need to know to understand the basics of this topic.

When you eat fruit, the sugar goes to the liver and gets stored in a form of glycogen. Your liver can only store small amounts of it. Over spill goes to the muscles (also small amounts). And the rest… Well, it goes to the other storage – YOUR FAT.

Yes, the excess of fruits will be stored as fat unless you do high intensity workouts before or after you eat your fruits. And I am not talking about walking to your kitchen and back. I am talking HIGH INTENSITY, HARD training.
One thing you need to understand is, consumed sugar in any form will be burned as energy or, if not needed, stored as fat. It will be stored if you eat more than your body needs to operate at that moment.

But there is more about that sweet stuff…

The problem with sugar, whether it comes from fruits in the form of fructose or it comes from table sugar, is that as long as you have it in your blood, you cannot burn your own fat. It is not possible because of human physiology.

Again, it does not matter how hard you train, you WILL NOT burn your body fat when you have sugar floating in your body. That is why we can see overweight athletes. Those athletes have incredible endurance and they are in very good physical shape. Just not appearance wise.. So, if you want to get lean for this summer, keep your fruit intake under control!

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