The secret to toning your body

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The secret to toning your body.

What comes to mind when we think about toning the body?

For most people, it is to go to the gym and do tons of crunches. But, is it what makes us look lean and toned? Let’s look into it.

How do we achieve that lean toned body we all want? The answer is right in the question.

You need to be lean enough to see your toned muscles. It doesn’t matter how toned your muscles are if they are covered in fat and water, retained under your skin.

Most people think they can tone their muscles just by going to the gym and exercising. However, you do not get lean just by exercise. You must have your diet/nutrition dialed in first.

Abs are made in the kitchen, and you can’t out train your diet!

To have a toned body, you will first need to get lean. And to get lean you will first need to fix your diet. I know, this is not what you’d like to hear, but it is what it is. Many people find it easier to do a workout rather than say no to cookies and chips, but this is what you will have to start with. Nutrition first.

So, what do you need to fix in the kitchen? What choices should you make? It is relatively simple. It’s just not easy, if you are used to soft drinks and burgers with fries.

Try eating only whole foods, cut down on all the simple and complex sugars as much as you can.

Those include wheat products, grains, legumes, pasta, bread and anything that has a sweet taste. Yes, banana bread will not help you with toning the body. Even bananas on their own are not a good (healthy) choice for burning fat and looking toned.

Limit your fruits. Fruits are healthy and many are low in calories and high in fiber, but the sugar in fruits can drastically slow down your fat burning and toning results.

Eat simple whole foods that are high in volume, low in calorie density and do not trigger your insulin to spike. Stay on track long enough and you will have a toned body. If you find this a bit confusing, the easiest way of dealing with this would be to hire a professional nutritionist who specializes in weight loss or a personal trainer who specializes in weight loss. They will be able to create a custom program for you and explain how it works in detail.

The secret to having a toned body is your lifestyle. Toning the body is more about your nutrition than doing crunches. Eat real whole foods and be physically active. It’s that simple. You just need to have enough desire and discipline to do it. And if you need help with getting motivated, just hire a personal trainer and they will keep you going.

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