Resistance Training and Weight Loss

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Resistance Training and Weight Loss

Resistance training is very important for weight loss, especially for males. Besides making your muscles bigger and stronger, it increases your HGH and testosterone production. However, keep in mind, even though resistance training is helping you grow muscle size, that is not exactly what is helping you to lose fat.

Many say that the bigger your muscles, the easier it is to lose weight. In my experience, I tend to disagree with this opinion. Yes, bigger muscles do take more energy to function, but not enough to have any noticeable difference(unless you are 300lbs of pure muscle). To add to that to grow big muscles you need to consume a lot of food which does not help in your weight loss journey!

The most important part for weight loss, when you do resistance training correctly is that you create lots of micro damage to your muscle cells.

Those cells will need to rebuild and that takes a lot of energy. Now, this is where the trick is:

If you are in a low insulin state (no sugar in your blood), your body is forced to use your stored fat as an energy source for the rebuilding process. And this is why resistance training is your friend when you go through your weight loss journey!

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