Why Are We Getting Fat? The Hidden Truth About Weight Loss

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Why Are We Getting Fat? The Hidden Truth About Weight Loss

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Why Are We Getting Fat? The Hidden Truth About Weight Loss


This book is a source of a simple yet comprehensive set of principles to get and stay healthy. I would recommend this book for adult audience at any fitness level.
The author of this book, George Basargin, has both extensive theoretical and, most importantly, practical experience in competitive sports, fitness, medicine, weight loss, and nutrition.

It is an easy and succinct read about common fitness and health industry traps. It is an example of a perfect learning bell curve when information is basic at the beginning, then it gets complicated, and finally returns to the basic but most efficient level that is represented in this manual.

The book also consists principles of nutrition, exercise and psychology that many people know but miss all the time. That is why this book is a great start to a healthy life-long lifestyle where experienced coaches like George Basargin can get anyone on the right track.
G. Wood, MSc Psychology, MScN-FNP

George, thank you so much for the education you have provided. I had no idea that for so many years I have been wrong on so many things when it comes to nutrition and fitness. Learning from you will have a tremendous impact on my life and life of my family! Thank you!

– Lisa D.


We’re bombarded with false and confusing information everywhere. These days, everybody is an expert. It takes less than one hundred dollars and just a few hours to become a personal trainer. How crazy is that? Doctors spend many years on their education and training before they start practicing. They work with people’s health. Trainers work with people’s health, too, but you can become a personal trainer in just a couple of days.

Let me ask you a question: would you let somebody do heart surgery on you if they only had a few hours of theory training? Yet, people trust the young Internet gurus on YouTube every day. Many big-name trainers are coming up with more and more complex fitness and nutrition programs. You see or hear this type of advertisement all the time: “Based on new scientific research, we have developed a new break-through program…” This is crap. Listen, we’ve been here for thousands of years. Our physiology is still the same. There is nothing new about physical fitness or nutrition out there. Period! All of this is just about making money. They want to make a fancy DVD in a pretty package to sell us the same things we already know.

In reality, it is much simpler than what most people think…